Become a Scentsy Consultant in Spain

Join Scentsy in Spain

For only £85 or 99€ you can purchase your own Scentsy business.   You immediately start on 20% commision rising to 25% when you have sold 1000PRV.   For those who want to go further then you can build a team and this gives you the option to earn further bonuses and commission based on how your team are performing.


The Scentsy Spain Family Compensation Plan


Kate Sloan

When Scentsy first came to Spain I answered an advert to join and purchased my starter kit thinking I could use it myself. It was delivered and sat unopened for a month. Only once I opened it and realised the quality did I decide that I could easily sell it to others... and so my Scentsy journey started. I now love sharing Scentsy products with family, friends, at events, parties and fundraisers ... I have made many friends through it and love the team spirit. You truely can fit Scentsy round your current commitments ... I'm a single parent and have a full time job too but selling Scentsy comes naturally and it never feels like "work". If you have any questions please just ask